Third Grade 

How can people help others to be good digital citizens?


Save The Day!

Create a digital citizen superhero who uses great powers to help people act safely, responsibly, and respectfully online.

2. Think about
1. Give your digital superhero a cool digital nameanswerstothefollowng questions;

  • What superpowers will your superhero have?

  • How will your superhero act and think?

  • What advice will your superhero say to others?


"Good digital citizens can harness the power of digital media
to make the world a better place"


Create a digital citizen superhero comic strip that illustrates a problem in the digital world and how your superhero resolves the dilemma.


Examples of scenarios:

  • Someone spreads rumors about somebody else online

  • Someone cheats on an assignment for school by copying information from a website and saying they wrote it

  • Someone use someone elses's password to pretend to be that person online

  • Someone says mean things online

  • Someone forwards a message containing private information to someone else

  • Someone gets a popup on a website saying he or she won a prize

  • Someone sees a classmates account open on a school computer

  • Someone sees a classmate typing their real name and home address into a website

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Warm Ups