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Open the Under the Sea project complete the following challenges:

  • Can you change how the creatures move?

  • Can you stop some of the creatures moving?

  • What else can you get the creatures to do?  Change the size, say something, disappear

  • Loop-is a type of command that allows us to repeat the same sequence multiple times. 

  • Repeat Loop-allow us to tell the computer exactly how many times we want to repeat commands inside the loop.

  • Forever Loop-there is no limitation on how many times a sequence will repeat inside the loop. Once the computer reaches a forever loop it will run the instructions inside of them forever or at least until the program is stopped.

Ways to extend or increase difficulty in a game project.



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What is a computer?

Computer Science: using the power of computers to solve problems and express ourselves

CA CSS K-2.CS.2 - Explain the functions of common hardware and software components of computing systems.

CA CSS K-2.IC.18 - Compare how people lived and worked before and after the adoption of new computing technologies.


  • debug: find and fix errors (bugs) in programs

  • decomposition: breaking down a problem into smaller pieces

  • program: a set of instructions written in a language that a computer understands

  • sequence: a set of instructions that follow one another in order

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 K-2.AP.12 Create programs with sequences of commands and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.

K-2.AP.13 Decompose the steps needed to solve a problem into a sequence of instructions.

: K-2.AP.14 Develop plans that describe a program's sequence of events, goals, and expected outcomes.

: K-2.AP.16 Debug errors in an algorithm or program that includes sequences and simple loops.