Tinkering Dojo

FAME Afterschool club, a creative learning opportunity to explore technology in a whole new way. Tinkering with digital media, art, and technology tools to express, invent, and collaborate.


What is Tinkering?

"Tinkerer: one who experiments with materials and ideas to fully understand their capacities, and who further iterates on their learning to find better solutions to current problems. "


Tinkering is a mindset, experiences playful way to approach and solve problems through direct experience, experimentation, and discovery.  It is an engaging experience that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) subjects.

Tinkering is about hands-on experiences, time to explore and invent. And through the processes of exploration and invention lies the potential for innovation.



Tinkering teaches children to use their natural curiosity, take risks, learn from mistakes, and be prepared to develop innovative solutions to problems; we don't know are problems yet using the technology we haven't even thought possible yet. 


A Quick Peek

See MES Fame students in action!